You know the Shanghai dragon in 2015 6 new trend


in the Web1.0 era, the content of the website is a website editor, voting is in between the two sites, the search engine algorithm is the traditional site of the establishment of the website hyperlink algorithm scoring mechanism. But in the era of the WEB2.0 from the user oriented to the needs, a series of changes occurring among all about the power of search are dominated by users, the integration in the future expansion of social media and Shanghai dragon is spreading. After the ranking of the site have to consider these factors

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four, mobile search

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now the chain is no longer fight the number of times, the chain does not necessarily rank well, love Shanghai more focus on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, in the chain, we must change the way of thinking, not just to do outside the chain to do outside the chain, do not consider the needs of users, can not bring the flow of the chain for the website, the website weight lifting is not helpful. The chain of love Shanghai advocate is natural, harmonious, sharing, to help users page links. Therefore, Shanghai dragon ER in the chain, in addition to attention to quality, consider the needs of users, but also do the natural

two, pay attention to the quality of the chain

2015, Shanghai dragon will be more emphasis on for users to provide what they really want, this trend has spawned a more important practice, as far as possible to provide the highest quality user experience. The site is also useful to users, search engine friendly. The user is useless, the search engine will not love. Search engine ranking sites looking for, is the user experience good site.

2014 is the Shanghai dragon turbulent year, various algorithms are introduced, the site overnight no rank, no traffic, have you ever had the feeling at a loss. But some sites is not affected, why? Who is the so-called pre Li nopreparation. Then the 2015 at the beginning of the new year, are you ready for the new year 2015 Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Long Fengxin trend, is worth thinking

three, social media

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile phone mobile search market share has been PC. Just before the computer to complete the shopping, chat, access to information more and more inclined to mobile devices.

mobile terminal optimization of Shanghai dragon, the first to set up mobile website, can use Site App to create the love of Shanghai, can also be built. If the site does not support mobile browsing, it will naturally affect the user experience, the ranking is also not good. At the same time to ensure the site open speed, if the site open speed is very slow, it will inevitably affect the site’s ranking, you can use CDN to enhance the site open speed acceleration. Finally, you also need to do the site

, a user experience

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