K is the site to meet the new era

is "around Europe" Shanghai Dragon:

The Shanghai K station


The advent of a new era: ?

false original article: General appeared to modify the seventy percent articles are of high quality, and the best modification process to insert their own words, the key is inserted in the process of circulation can be together with the article.

outside the chain of high quality: good article with appropriate links, and a high quality of the article brings is certainly good benefit. Is to let users cheered, but not the right keywords and keyword random insertion, the quality is to reduce the level of two point. And how to find high quality and good chain

original article: to think about many times down an article, such as how to start a collusion, how to insert keywords, usually an article appeared in the four key.

Is Shanghai dragon ER in recent years to bring complaints against the K

love Shanghai station, it is also a warning. We have to rethink the grievances in the moment, why is there such a situation.

in Shanghai dragon world, let Shanghai dragon er the most worry is K station. But some time ago love Shanghai big update, there are lots of K station, let many webmaster headache impulse, now here to talk about why the K station, there are some of my thoughts to share.

a few years ago Shanghai, a few days can be optimized on time optimization in recent years, Shanghai Longfeng for several months, but how long now Shanghai Longfeng optimization up? This question is worth pondering. Do not say first search, Google and other search engines, as long as a love Shanghai search engine can let all the pain. Now is not the chain for the emperor’s, and the high quality of the age: the chain of high quality, the high quality, high quality web three quality.

K station

love this K Shanghai station is a new era, Shanghai dragon thought, now eighty percent of the site is relying on the auxiliary Shanghai dragon, the problem is that Internet users browse Shanghai dragon made by Er, and Shanghai dragon Er consider only ranking for the user experience is unable to achieve the real situation for the sake of users. Go down for a long time has aroused netizens angry, do most of the Shanghai dragon every day go to the forum, so whether we have seen such a post in Shanghai dragon "please link to this post advertising area" appeared in the super hot situation, whether on the Dragon Phoenix comments to notice.? there is a peevish tone. There is even some "group" state.

love has explained in the announcement: the K station mainly for the chain of garbage, garbage site (not the original article, or no more than fifty percent articles), the problem of black hat technique, the punishment of the server.

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