Love Shanghai search engine optimization key to win is what

as everyone knows, website optimization process, a lot of things are composed of some basic details, as a site, after examination, the weight of love Shanghai accumulation, and then reach an ideal ranking position this is a lot of Shanghai dragon dream Er, but many times we often backfire, in fact the reason lies in some key problems, no attention is the result of arch-criminal optimization results is not ideal, the author will optimize the three part of our website optimization website won the most basic and everyone in detail, well, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.

second, the content of the website is the accumulation of site overall weight accumulation. We know you can contribute site outside the chain of large-scale release such as recruiting for the following chain specialist, multi platform related articles. These are the short time increase the effective way of chain, while the number of accumulated website weight but also from the real web content included, this is the reason why love Shanghai has always attached great importance to the content on the website, because of the possibility of cheating content has been almost love Shanghai blocked, collection, pseudo original, love Shanghai’s Mars program already stop the spam cheating way, then, how should we improve the amount of content? Well, is the quality and quantity of quality content, update the high quality combination strategy, both are indispensable, even if you update the article every day, but love Shanghai included or by a certain rule, still need a period of time to study this is why, when the site optimization must establish steady optimization idea, because the content of construction is not a short duration of time. A lot of things, the current site is to update the site spontaneously, and similar to the webmaster nets such industry portal, allowing users to a site of spontaneous blood transfusion, to ensure the quality and quantity of the unity of content, we as a webmaster >

first, web based optimization is through the assessment of the first pass love Shanghai. The author thinks that the present site optimization should focus on the user experience all the user needs to do, first performance optimization based on the website link, on-line examples, I optimize the site before, must be to the structure of the site detailed planning and analysis, with the current layout of the layout of div+css is obtained based on elements of love Shanghai favors, but you open a lot of enterprise website this outdated table layout or There are plenty of people who as a professional, Shanghai dragon Er, website optimization strategy is from the website structure, layout, code adjustment started, so the first point I talk about is the first good page layout structure, on the basis of our level. To construct planning columns, column page layout, page layout, page layout and related thematic web label writing etc., All subsequent strategies must be formulated in a relatively high efficiency, can improve the efficiency of the spider crawl structure reflected the website home page. So, the author talks about the website optimization is structural adjustment, before on-line program planning, writing and so on the line after the label does not need to change the structure level of big things.

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