Montana share MIP transformation to twenty common questions asked

MIP can join the love of Shanghai alliance advertising, can also add third party advertising

pop-up ads?Answer: 6, whether the

1, MIP on the other search engines included as well as the influence of Shanghai dragon to

Answer: at present, Answer:

MIP is a fallback mechanism, MIP access problems, directly back to the original H5 page; will not affect the weight, MIP will be more recognized and preferred.

must be HTTPS can MIP, if not HTTPS will have what effect? How fast HTTPS

MIP in the original page, will not affect the other search engines crawl included, it will not affect the page weight. The new MIP page by robots.txt file to disable other search engines crawl, so as to ensure the weight of the original page.

HTTPS scheme is accelerated by falling in love with Haiyun

5 if you take a new set of MIP pages, MIP pages of new hypothesis problems, such as transformation error, failure or other unpredictable problems, processing mechanism of love Shanghai is what?

8, MIP gains?

answer: MIP transformation itself is not required to support https. But if you want to access love Shanghai, is https. You can go through their support or MIP Cache agent in two ways. Fast HTTPS can be quickly deployed HTTPS.

3, MIP Cache cache update time is long?

MIP has two programs: one is to modify the original page, the other one is to set a new page based on maintaining the original page; two schemes can well support.

advertising?Answer: What is the

answer: from the current collection.

2, MIP can be added to what

is about 50 minutes later, will be optimized to shorter time.

?Answer: ?

MIP page can display all the original elements of the page in front of the code for some labels can be replaced. We will provide support for fix components can be used to display the page layout, fixed advertising.

7, MIP page shows which elements? What are the restrictions for the

in MIP after the launch, we received a lot of doubt and worry. We through the official MIP blog, all questions and concerns are summarized as the following twenty questions, I hope to help you understand MIP.

specific data?

4, Shanghai on the site of MIP love proposal is what?

Answer: at present,

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