Netizen share sex Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng eight essence of experience

usually, as long as the site is normal, can access the site is collected will be. The site itself is often not included, such as the contents of a large number of duplicate collection, mass cheating etc.. If the site has not been included by the love of Shanghai, the server log analysis. There may be a web site space is not stable enough, or is the website greatly, Shanghai will re-examine the love you, if you have love in Shanghai can refer to the revision of the webmaster search engine guide V2.0 inside the station, 301 redirect.

is suddenly, then congratulations, you want a cup. In situations like this to reflect on their website content is original or a large collection, generally only.

2, the web is not included in Baidu

search engine optimization, referred to as the Shanghai dragon, but because of the special conditions China resulted in 80% stationmaster in sex Shanghai Shanghai dragon brother Lu, also made a love for you today in Shanghai, free to share eight essence of experience, work colleagues for fruit can respect the author.

cheating can quickly improve the ranking and weight at a time. The netizen search service network had tried to buy the black chain, such as mass cheating, the effect is very obvious, a new domain name to 2 months to achieve 100 revenue every day, but I suggest not to cheat, cheating was discovered after the punishment is very serious (I cheat all drop right or pull station hair), so the cost greatly but also a waste of time. Really there is no shortcut to do Shanghai dragon, who is the fastest method that is hard, it is hard to update the site, write the original soft. (now popular station group and blog sprocket not in scope)

1, the domain name to Shanghai dragon much

, the author found that in practice, the domain name for the site’s ranking is small, the impact is definitely yes, but very small, select the domain name should be used according to the order of (if you have a way to get the best domain name The domain name and age, as long as it is normal is not punished the domain name of the older the better, the author tried 2 9 years of normal open domain stood home snapshots, but other aspects and not much difference between the new domain name.

in the successful world to pay enough attention to the source of the user, now love Shanghai has also embarked on the success of Google. So, brother Lu personal view is that Shanghai dragon is the brand reputation, if you can do the Sina model (rely on search engines is very small), then you are the true meaning of the Shanghai dragon master. Longfeng site in Shanghai, the original content of high value is the soul, if a person is not the soul, what will happen? (this is not suitable for gray industry!)


5, the website included less ottuke

4, Shanghai Longfeng wood has a shortcut?


3, do not despise the soul of Shanghai dragon website

Effect of

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