Love on the page rank fluctuation of sea just included guess

These are several

, a short time is because love Shanghai love you not love this station. Because the content quality is not high.

arguably, love Shanghai in 10 minutes included in this web page, that love Shanghai love this content, why a good ranking, while No. The following is I to this situation a few guesses:

, but after a few hours, I try to search the title of the page, the first page not found the page, and in the first row of the front page of the site, here I was depressed, why love sea just included page ranking fluctuations so big, what is the reason?

website ranking for the webmaster, one thing that is most concerned about, no matter what time, what to do, everything is for the website ranking, I also said, Taobao launched the supermarket weight loss for two months, the main business is to lose weight related products, we can know that there are a lot of weight loss the product website, can be said that this is very competitive, even do this station is. Oh, never mind, I am doing part-time, exercise their level. Even if I did not succeed, the loss is time.

, thank you for your cooperation!

two, the implementation of the first love Shanghai included, re examination, after the release process is in front of all is illusion. After stable ranking is real.


guess I know, friends can help me analyze the reasons, you can add my QQ to help me answer this question, thank you

to date, this website is very good, the total amount collected is 248, love Shanghai snapshot time is about 10 minutes or so, the following diagram:



three, the website is likely to be K, which is a net friend said to me, do not know is not true.

the best way to lose weight (www.qiantu123贵族宝贝) of original author QQ:1021360269, keep this link please reprint, please respect the original


visible, love Shanghai or I love this site, for this page has been included in the sea, love search title is currently ranked in the first place. You can see as below:

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