Identify the short board website optimization method beyond the opponent

website construction and website optimization need to learn, but not extremely arrogant behind closed doors. Want to go beyond, but the first to self-improvement, self-improvement, but to imitate. The good performance of the web search engine, especially those realized are excellent sites in the major search engines, which itself has many merits. Competitors are not necessarily the enemy, a lot of people will be peers and competitors called "rival", in fact, a wrong understanding. To really promote their growth, is also the peers and competitors. So, in the face of competition and peer website, we should first hold is positive and the attitude of reverence, rather than be pushed to their opposites.

if there is no short board, will.

in the face of competitors, especially more than their excellent website, should also hold worship and modest learning attitude. Before the slogan "the success of its own special place, can be ranked in front of their own website, must have its merits, has its own place beyond. So, the first thing we need to do is to carefully analyze the competitors, website, and found himself with flash. The author has deep feelings, is now able to unremittingly original writing, adhere to the construction of the website content and quality of the link, but also by the same web industry, inspired a Shanghai website construction company. The number of years of almost uninterrupted to rich web content, link number has reached more than ten thousand.

with high prices and high prices soaring all the way walk behind CPI and rising labor costs. When the high cost of traditional marketing, search engine marketing has been more and more attention of enterprise, the attention from the two aspects can be perceived, is a search engine keyword advertising volume increase, and the amount of advertising growth there are keywords single click costs; second is that many companies begin to awaken to the website optimization this is why many professional companies Shanghai Longfeng run fast, because the market demand; third kinds of performance, some components of the SEM team, with soft and other forms of propaganda, organized and planned to carry out Internet marketing.

website optimization due to the low cost, and stable effect, more and more companies favor. But the contradiction and struggle is a search engine with the same keywords, relative to the quality of the position is so few. Statistics also show that in the top three websites, and even can be intercepted more than 80% site traffic. The competition was born! We are looking for ways to improve the ranking, in order to search for good performance and to exhaust all the skills. Different sites of the same keywords the interdependence and mutual competition, and beyond the competitors website, let your website as soon as possible to go to the front row, became the webmaster and website optimization imperishable dream. However, it is so simple to talk about transcendence, not only need to go beyond the others need to go beyond their own.

, a careful analysis, to learn from the barbarians to self

two, identify the short board, easily surpass the method

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