K site is how to do the report server


Because the data is not sufficient to control

group’s other two hospital sites are in love with altitude hair, notify the author rushed to write a solution, so I started to collect related data, trying to analyze it, but a lot of data collection failed, broken, finally through the log analysis optimization staff plus the preliminary estimate is due to server account the cause of the site was K, the author gives the following solutions.

1, is due to server problems so the server to be targeted, first the site moved to stable server, the best out alone, or may be affected with the other website server.

has a web site is likely to be implicated in

two plucking the basic situation of the website


(importance of Statistics), so I can only judge the server factors causing the site to be plucked, the following is a preliminary solution is given on the site, of course, will plan with website related data to change more, because the net station was plucking, so stay to re acquire love Shanghai trust may be a long time, the following is the author given recent steps:

2, to re submit the love of Shanghai.


K is the basic situation in the two sites have been referring to a website where the server has a do Liuhe color of the hair is pulled out with the web site, said the responsible person in the re submit website when love Shanghai to the IP directly reject, so I estimate is due on the server the site of the station is in love with altitude implicated in causing hair.

initially solve the website plucking method

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log returns 20006420000 crawlers to home pages and all, that is because the server for spiders waiting to return to the ACK information, the server reset link, instead of returning the original information to ACK, although not affect the spider crawling content, but can be estimated on the server pre adjusted, when the person in charge of the exchange and the website that two site because the server is not stable and had been adjusted several times, of course, because data collection is not complete so the preliminary estimate is due to the server problem caused by hair fell in love with altitude.

why is the reason for the

two was plucked the original website on two different servers, following a server with a Liuhe lottery website is K, since the two sites by relevant personnel after plucking the two site under the same server, love Shanghai on two sites climb to number decreased gradually, and returns a large number of 20000, the following are two sites were K:

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