Optimization of long tail keywords benefits four


director to a web site for accurate positioning in accordance with a strength. Limited funds, personnel and other crafts, identity, personal website positioning, not Nianye, and small and only, the fine and catch the key, focus on a point".

on its own web site

, a full display of user interaction strength, increase of

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what is the long tail word website link utility

two, the ranking is stable, low cost

three, the competition is small, the difficulty is not high

users !

optimization of long tail keywords four

long tail website keyword than simple keyword difficulty focus of the site is much smaller, a little word even without great effort to have a good ranking, so many people will ask, so the words and useful? Answer is surely, our careful study will find the website keyword many sites have long tail optimization, and generally a website optimization only one or two long tail word. So easily will enter into the home. So suppose to optimize the home page, there are a lot of opportunities. When you have a chance, then the success of the imitation article >

long tail key words and a little extra good website ranking is more quiet, low cost control guard. Long tail keywords and website popular website keyword is seriously different, the website keyword popular website keywords as usual existence of competition force is to protect the daily needs, such as the chain, update the reference, because everybody in the progress of the weight of the website, do these words like endlessly, either, but for the long tail keyword. Because only a handful of people, so the scene is not the same, you only need to link website collective peace peace, you do not need to frequently update can have a good place and keep calm.

optimizationDifficult to optimize

adult international, too much can not accept the job, but still have to brave to face, it is unable to escape the waves of wind and rain, let the people breathe, oh hope before, will progress in the past, really awful, my heart sank and pulled on the site! Mao

always happened so suddenly, let people know what to do, just be aware of self originally is so lost, connected by the ability to look at the concession, chaos fame, desperation, the original is so fear is really awful, let a person can’t catch a trace of relying on

a website on top of a question answering system can very abundant operating households disseminated effort, 58 classified information network now, it covers many of the online teacher occupation therapy question answering system, the most typical is the baidu engine now know, Soso Ask, know the Cape etc.. A website user how to stay, how to let users remember a website so? That is interactive with the user initiation, when a quiz ceremony, so to the long tail word is fraud website link in the full use of the user to update the site’s article. The operation of the liquidation of

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