Links exchange ten skills

fifth: the soft effect is good. Link exchange is not the more the better, a website exchange about 30 links is enough, the future need is to improve resource. Can increase the weight through the soft, etc.. The soft effect is large, only a single link, does not have the function of communication, and soft like reputation, with copy and spread.

fourth: resource sharing. If your friend is enough, you do not worry about the chain is not enough. Let friends help you exchange links or links, or send some soft, little things. This is my friend’s strength, now website promotion is not a good project, but the circle of friends and how wide circle of resources. If you don’t, then do not mean their limited resources for more friends to accumulate resources.

seventh: do not exchange links to pictures. The picture is linked with a few years ago, now have to use text links, no picture link weights.

: first do not covet. Don’t sale website link, link to sell sell blood, a few dollars a month, finally lost is a website.

sixth: quality first, number second. The number is not the more the better, a high quality link, than you can change the dozens of low quality links, so we have to the pursuit of quality, not quantity.

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: high quality.

second: pay attention to the details. What do not link to exchange, exchange industry and their website categories almost, this does not affect the user experience, and can really play a promoting role of website weight.


special chain optimization:

third: lianhaoneigong. The new site, not all not included to exchange links with others, we need to update their content complete, refer search engine and bookmarks, let your website collected first few articles, and then go to exchange links. This is the so-called strength. New sites are not included, others certainly don’t you exchange.

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eighth: do not change the same with their own website keyword link. If the link is the first company, not you, is he. Peers can be, but not the same keyword.

ninth: link frequency control. Don’t change so many days, then a few days do not exchange. Need to do is update frequency, time, website update text, link exchange synchronization, the amount to be uniform.


optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

tenth: Link Exchange attitude is better. Exchange links and your webmaster is your future friends, everyone in the network to promote the industry mix, there need help, mutual exchange of resources and opportunities. After the accumulation of friends are easy to handle. So you should be friendly to each friend, long-term interaction.

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