Kurt Marquinn

A hundred years of Taoism you start rich road

in stability and development, innovation in the reform. This is a brand of food and beverage business success, steady development of the trend of reform and innovation continue to follow the trend, only to do the best food and beverage. This restaurant brand is a hundred years road". from scratch, steady development At the beginning […]

Chengdu Polytechnic innovation entrepreneurship practice system training courses

in order to cultivate innovative talents, major colleges and universities have opened a "innovation and entrepreneurship" courses, entrepreneurship Tianfu Chengdu Polytechnic in Chengdu has officially started the "innovation and entrepreneurship" course. 3 23 June, held by Chengdu Polytechnic, innovation and entrepreneurship practice training courses (vocational colleges) officially opening the first course.

2015 environmental innovation and entrepreneurship competition project is now hot opening

business has now become a main theme, the society at the same time, every year, there will be some government organized entrepreneurship competition, held in Yixing this year, environmental innovation and entrepreneurship competition, also attracted a lot of interest in the people to participate in environmental protection. jointly organized by the Yixing huankeyuan and entrepreneur […]

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