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Xining City West Land Tax Bureau actively helping small and micro enterprises

September 6th, Xining Local Taxation Bureau held to help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment as the theme of helping small and micro enterprises video forum. In the five floor conference room West District Local Taxation Bureau branch in the building without the empty seats, had invited 80 representatives to Small and micro businesses is 84, […]

Xining within two years to build 200 pension services

reporter from the office of the provincial government information office learned that Xining plans to invest 100 million yuan to use 2 years through the integration of capital, transformation of rural reconstruction existing factory warehouse, the village committee office premises and other facilities, built 200 sets of catering, entertainment and other functions in one of […]

Russia’s top Ballet Troupe

‘s famous ballet classic, the Nutcracker, was staged at the Qinghai Grand Theatre on January 8th. More than 30 of the top artists from the Russian ballet national theatre have brought the original taste of the ballet, ignited the public’s artistic passion in the cold plateau. according to the Qinghai Grand Theatre, the person in […]

Xining for the first time the implementation of 100 thousand yuan for each community to serve the ma

Provincial Committee made the decision to deploy to strengthen the base construction of Xining City, attaches great importance to the initiative as, to take effective measures to promote the "three basic" construction started, steady implementation. In May 12th, the reporter from the Xining municipal Party committee "to do that, this year the city plans to […]

Employment unemployment registration certificate has been examined

employment unemployment registration certificate has begun to review, in the community to submit an audit of the employment unemployment registration certificate in the community can obtain evidence. reporter from the youth Lane Community and other parts of the community and the Xining Employment Bureau learned that the employment unemployment registration certificate to implement a free […]

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